Customer Part from Conception to Manufacture

Our company has invested heavily in our design department over the years in both software and training. We are able to receive all conventional drawing formats (Such as IGES and DXF) Our design department can easily convert all 3D data and use this information to create tooling and machine programs. We are one of only a few companies in the UK who are able to program full 5 axis off line and also adopt conventional 3 axis programming and machine teach in functions

Our company has a policy which ensures that we are able to perform all necessary processes in house, thus reducing both time and costs to our customers. We have a vast range of pattern/mould making equipment, which includes a Bridgeport milling machines, which allows us to directly machine new tooling from Aluminium onsite. Our in-house tool room staff have many years experience of producing and maintaining tooling

Baces3D is a manually operated 5 or 6-axis measurement arm that, thanks to high precision sensors, allows us to measure the surface of real physical objects of any shape, size or material. By simply tracing the surface of any physical object with its measuring point we will be able to have the exact coordinates of space transferred to our computers by RS232 serial link. Whether we are reaching up and over, or down and around, the counterbalanced Baces 3D provides maximum access, while maintaining complete portability and reliability of accuracy.